Monday, August 19, 2019


MYBA weather closing policy:


Due to expected winter weather, all MYBA games for Sunday 3/3 with a starting time of Noon or later are postponed.  The only three games still on are the morning games at Deer Crossing Elementary (9am, 10:15 and 11:30).

All postponed games will be rescheduled for the weekend of 3/9 and 3/10.  We understand spring sports are starting and will make every attempt to work around conflicts.  Thank you for your patience!


ALL MYBA games are canceled when the snow emergency plan goes into effect for Frederick County.  If snow emergency is lifted, games will begin 1 hour later (double-check with your coordinator).  If the snow emergency plan goes into effect when a game is already in progress, or both teams and the refs are present and ready to begin, the game can continue to be played if the facility rules permit.  You can check the snow emergency status at

Only Carroll County games (EWE, MAM, NWM and NWS, but not MCA) are canceled if the Carroll County snow emergency plan goes into effect, but Frederick County does not.  Once Carroll County goes into the snow emergency plan, games are canceled for the entire weekend.  If the snow emergency plan is in effect on 8:00pm Friday night, Carroll County games are canceled for the following day.  Even though games in Carroll County might be canceled, games will still be played in Frederick County as long as the snow emergency plan is not in effect.

This is a little confusing, so if you are unsure, parents should call their coaches and look for any game cancellation updates on our facebook page and here on this website.  Coordinators should get the word out to coaches and parents as soon as they are informed that games are cancelled.  Please err on the side of safety if the roads are questionable, irrespective of what the official game status is.  No sporting event is worth risking very dangerous driving conditions.